Employee Benefit Solutions

We can design and implement complete employee benefits solutions.

Our corporate/business client portfolio ranges from some of the largest blue chip companies in this country to smaller employers, and we have years of experience managing the needs of these businesses.

One way an employer can build competitive advantage is by attracting and retaining valued, productive and loyal staff. Employers of choice demonstrate their commitment to their staff by providing an employee benefits package which will assist their staff and families at the time they need it most.

We can assist you in creating a more secure future for your staff through group insurance schemes such as life, disability and serious illness cover or group medical insurance schemes.

Group insurance products provide significant advantages over staff personally insuring themselves, including wholesale premium rates and automatic acceptance of cover without the need for health evidence (some conditions apply).

Our services include:

  • Design of employee benefits packages
  • Market tendering process
  • Implementation
  • Administration and servicing
  • Advice to staff

In addition to Group Insurance schemes we can help design and implement group superannuation schemes to supplement KiwiSaver or provide extra benefits for Senior or Key employees.

A superannuation plan can be designed for your organisation which will place it at the competitive edge of its industry. By benchmarking benefit levels to those of other organisations which compete in the same pool for staff, and formulating a benefit design which exactly corresponds with your organisation's needs, you can ensure that this increasingly important component of compensation does not leave you trailing in the marketplace.

The formulation of a design for an employee superannuation scheme is the result of careful research and an understanding of what the organisation is attempting to achieve. It means identifying the specific types of benefit which are most valued by staff, whether by staff survey, focus groups or other means.

It also means identifying the specific types of benefits which are of most value to the organisation, not simply from a human resource perspective, but from financial and operational viewpoints.

The ultimate benefit design which is formulated for an organisation's insurance plan is embodied within a detailed design specification. That design specification forms the basis of the documentation required for a competitive market tender.

We are also able to manage Preferred Provider Agreements for KiwiSaver.

Refer to Group Life and Medical for more detail or Workplace Education.