Estate Planning

An often, overlooked component of financial planning is the control, ownership and disposition of assets. Estate and asset planning is often thought to be the management of assets after death.  However, it equally applies to the management of one’s assets during your lifetime. 

Asset and Estate Planning help you plan for the future to ensure you can control future ownership of your assets and reduce risks.

Key objectives would include

Asset Protection

  • Protection of assets you bring into a marriage or relationship
  • Protect personal assets from business risks

Estate Planning

  • Guard against unwanted claims on your estate
  • Provide for dependents e.g. spouse, children or grandchildren
  • Provide an orderly distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries
  • Ensure correct ownership of policies
  • Making sure wills are up to date
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

Financial planning

  • Retirement Planning
  • Taxation Efficiency
  • Succession Planning

Whilst we do not provide specific advice in all of the above areas but we are able to identify where issues may arise and where you should obtain professional expert advice.