Investment and Wealth Management

First Capital Wealth Management offers clients a financial planning service that combines an indepth experience in financial and investment planning with a broader life-goal focus.

The market is crowded with commission driven advisers. In contrast, First Capital  provides a boutique, fee based service supported by a powerful network of investment, tax and legal specialists.

Our Disclosure Statements are available upon request and free of charge.


You want to enjoy life now and also build wealth for the future. We offer unbiased advice to help you:

  • Identify your lifestyle priorities
  • Develop a clear vision for your future.

We draw up a financial plan and this becomes your road map. Your plan:

  • Outlines clear strategies and specific steps
  • Identifies obstacles and how to pre-empt them
  • Has consistent systems to make life easier

We are a fee based service and our advice is unbiased and personal to your circumstances. Our approach:

  • Gives you assurance that what we recommend is in your best intere sts
  • Helps you take control of the financial aspects of your life

Makes life easier and more purposeful.


Our Portfolio Management Service has at its hub a “wrap” account which consolidates all your investment information in one place. It is designed to hold, trade and report on your portfolio of investments, and enables us to advise and manage your affairs effectively. Your portfolio cash account gives you access to four major currencies. Dividends and interest payments from your investments are collected in the relevant cash accounts.

If you are building wealth:

  • Add to your portfolio by direct debit monthly
  • Deposit lump sums any time

If you are now enjoying your wealth:

  • Receive a payment from your portfolio each month for living costs
  • Phone us if you need extra money any time

We work with you to ensure your portfolio continues to meet your needs by taking into account any change to your circumstances or changes in the economic environment.

We report to you regularly with a current portfolio valuation, investment income, cost values and performance, all transactions and the amount you have contributed. An end of year tax report shows all interest, dividends, tax withheld, imputation credits and foreign tax credits.