Financial Education at the Workplace


There are distinct benefits to offering a workplace financial education program for employees. Besides improving the financial capability of your workforce, the program’s impact also can promote your business objectives.

First Capital offers employers a wide range of services designed to improve employees’ financial capability while increasing worker productivity, reducing on-the-job stress, and cutting down on time employees waste dealing with personal financial issues during work hours.

First Capital can provide workplace financial literacy solutions for employees.

The employee financial education packages are much more than just PowerPoint presentations.  Our comprehensive campaigns can provide training, presentations, internal promotions, communication tools, ongoing education material, and surveys—everything needed to host a professional-level workplace education initiative.

For people passionate about helping others gain financial skills, First Capital wants to provide the tools you need to make a long-lasting difference in the lives of people who help your business. 

Employee Financial Education Presentations

The material included covers various financial issues and goals. The features include :

  • Modular Design: The presentations’ modular format accommodates a variety of topics.
  • Simplicity: Our presentations contain easy to understand visuals without jargon or complexity
  • Participation:  presentations are ideally done with smaller groups 10-20 to encourage participation and robust discussion
  • Timely:  Presentations can be run during the day to suit business needs or after work to allow employee to include partners
  • Independent: First Capitals presentations are not product based and are not affiliated with any financial institution. The material aims to improve participants’ financial capabilities.

Presentation modules include:

Building Your Financial Foundation - helps people build a solid financial foundation and/or recover from current financial circumstances. Understanding the fundamentals of investments and the value of planning.

Road to Retirement – specifically for employees approaching retirement years. Options available, how to structure investments and managing income.

Financial Planning & Investments – Ways to manage debt, how to structure investments, fundamentals of financial planning and KiwiSaver.

Estate Planning and Protection This comprehensive presentation covers life, disability and medical insurance – the types of cover, how much is enough, how does ACC work, policy ownership, trusts and wills.