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The specialists in risk management planning, corporate solutions and wealth management.

No matter what stage of life or what level of financial security you've attained, it's likely that you want to continue to grow and protect your assets. First Capital Financial Services and their experienced team of financial advisers specialise in providing tailored financial advice aimed at guiding and accelerating New Zealanders towards their financial objectives.

First Capital recognises that each client - either as an individual or as a business - has their own unique requirements as they move through life, that is why working with First Capital you can be assured that they can develop the comprehensive financial strategies that are needed to meet the level of financial security you need now and in the future.

For over a decade, First Capital Financial Services has helped thousands of New Zealanders head towards their chosen life goals by getting their financial circumstances in order. Our comprehensive financial planning service ensures our clients have the peace-of-mind of controlling their current financial position and confidence in what their future will encompass.