First Capital Financial Services

First Capital Financial Services Limited (FSP83083) is a specialist financial services firm that has been providing wealth management, risk management and employee benefits advice to corporate and SME businesses as well as individuals since 2002.

Over the years, First Capital has built up an extensive client base ranging from multinationals to individuals that demand expert advice and professional service when dealing with their financial advice needs.  The incorporation of Cammell Consulting Group into the business in 2019 and a strategic relationship with Runacres Insurance and Primesure (both of which are part of the AUB group) means First Capital has become one of the most influential financial advisory businesses in New Zealand.

In November 2023 Vitality Works and First Capital Financial Services joined forces to create Vitality Works NZ Limited, a groundbreaking venture set to revolutionise workplace health and financial wellbeing services. This partnership leverages Vitality Works' expertise in workplace wellbeing solutions and First Capital's excellence in financial services to usher in a transformative era for both employees and employers. The venture recognises the deep connection between mental health and financial wellbeing, significantly impacting overall health and happiness. Research highlights that financial stress affects employees, with most New Zealanders concerned about money-related issues. The venture aims to offer comprehensive and unique solutions to support happier, healthier employees by combining Vitality Works's wellbeing expertise with First Capital's financial insight.

With advisers in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, the First Capital team work together to deliver innovative financial solutions and services that meet the ever-changing needs of both current and prospective clients. First Capital’s commitment to achieving the highest level of professionalism in delivering these products and services ensures clients receive well-researched, tailored solutions that are the foundation for solid and long-term client relationships.

Our Approach


What sets us apart from other financial services companies is that we endeavour to provide truly innovative advice and solutions to all our clients.

Quality Assurance

First Capital has a robust compliance model and peer review process to ensure clients always get the most appropriate solutions for their needs. We employ external research to ensure that only the most effective financial solutions are recommended to clients.

Office Administration

Your first point of contact with First Capital will probably be with our admin team. Often complimented by our clients, our team prides itself on fast, efficient and courteous service. Our sophisticated CRM system maintains excellent records of all client details providing our team with instant access.

Strategic Alliances 

First Capital has strategic alliances with several prominent professional firms.  This ensures our clients receive the very best advice and service in all areas of financial planning, from tax to trusts.

Impartial Advice

We have relationships with all the major financial institutions in New Zealand and, as such, can provide impartial financial advice that is best for our clients.

Adviser Remuneration

First Capital is unique compared to other financial service companies because all First Capital advisers are paid a salary and are not paid commission. This provides our clients with the confidence to know that all advice is based on their needs.

Skilled Advisers

Our advisers are all Financial Advice New Zealand (FANZ) members and hold professional qualifications, including the Certified Financial Planner qualification or New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services. They maintain their skills and knowledge of products and processes through ongoing professional development and education.

At First Capital, you can be confident that you:

  • will get quality advice from an experienced adviser who specialises in the relevant field

  • won't be pressured to buy a product - we are all salaried advisers

  • will be a client of First Capital, so get the benefits of a team effort

  • will receive all the advice in a written format that is clear and concise so you can understand it

  • be confident that you are dealing with true professionals who are all members of Financial Advice New Zealand and three of whom hold the globally recognised high-level Certified Financial Planner designation


Our Team

Our team is made up of a wide range of talented and qualified individuals, we're passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on our close and effective working relationship with our clients.


What Our Clients Say