Employee Benefits

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” - Stephen R. Covey

We can design and implement complete employee benefits solutions.

Our corporate client portfolio ranges from some of the largest companies in NZ to smaller employers, and we have years of experience managing the needs of these businesses.

Employers can build a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining valued, productive and loyal staff. Employers of choice demonstrate their commitment to their staff by providing an employee benefits package to assist staff and families when they need it most.

We can assist you in creating a more secure future for your staff through group insurance schemes such as life, disability and serious illness cover or group medical insurance schemes. We can also help design and implement group retirement savings schemes to supplement KiwiSaver or provide extra benefits for Senior or Key employees.

The key to ensuring employee benefits programs are successful is to provide regular easy to understand communications on what is being provided and to be on site to address individual issues or help employees understand the benefits being offered. 


Our services include:

  • Design of employee benefits packages

  • Market tendering process

  • Implementation and enrolments

  • Administration and servicing

  • Regular advice to employees

  • Financial Education workshops


Group Life/Disability Insurance

Providing life and disability cover for employees can give them confidence in their financial future should something unexpected occur, such as a severe illness or, worse, unexpected death.


Financial Education


Recent studies show that financial stress can have a major impact on employee productive time. Regular financial workshops for staff can be beneficial to both the company and its employees.


Group Medical


Increasingly sought after by staff as a valuable component of their remuneration package, we can advise employers on the full range of group medical health insurance options.