Life Insurance

Ensuring you and your loved ones will be financially sound after your death or if you are struck down by a terminal illness. Life insurance will allow your dependents to pay off debts, cover funeral costs (which can be surprisingly sizeable) or provide ongoing living expenses for your loved ones.

Total and Permanent Disablement Cover

In the unimaginable situation that you might become totally and permanently disabled, this insurance will pay a lump sum you can use for any purpose. Most people use it to pay off the mortgage or for home alterations or medical expenses. A permanent disability can often be more financially devastating than death.

Income Protection

Your income is your most important asset. If your income stopped today how long could you survive on savings before it became a problem. If injury or illness should stop you from working, income protection can help you avoid a significant financial loss. Income protection is a good idea as it pays a regular income that could help pay the mortgage, day-to-day bills and help you and your family to maintain a decent standard of living.

Trauma Cover (Serious illness)

This pays a lump sum if you suffer a heart attack, stroke, cancer or a number of other serious illnesses. The impact of a serious illness can have a major effect on family finances. This cover is designed to get you through that period by providing immediate funds to use as you need.