Business Insurance

The loss of a key person, or a major shareholder, could happen for a number of reasons including: resignation, retirement, ill health or even death. The impact on the business be catastrophic. Planning ahead and managing these risks is all about creating CASH, CONTROL and CERTAINTY at a time when the business needs it most.

Key Person

What happens when that person becomes seriously ill or worse, dies.
Losing a key person through death or illness can be an enormous blow to a business and its shareholders. Ensuring the business’s stability is paramount – which is why it makes good sense to invest in insurance for your key people.

We can review your business structure and develop a plan to protect your business should the worst happen. We’ll work with you and your accountant/solicitor to ensure that in the event of a claim proceeds are there to be used as you intended.

Shareholder Protection

Would you be happy to be in business with your deceased partner’s widow’s second husband’s lawyer? If the answer is no then where are the funds going to come from to buy the shares of a shareholder who has had an unplanned departure.

If your business lost a major shareholder, you may need to consider whether the remaining owners would be in the position to buy out their shareholding. A business has the best chance of surviving financially if you’ve taken the time to plan and protect against unexpected events such as these.