Health Insurance – The most wanted work perk in New Zealand

Nowadays, Employee benefits are essential to any workplace and play a significant role in attracting and retaining talented employees. Employee benefits refer to any non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their regular salary or an hourly wage. These benefits can take many forms, including group insurance schemes, retirement plans, paid time off, wellness programs, and other perks.
Independent research conducted by Nature on behalf of Seek found that Health Insurance is the most appealing work perk a business could offer. First Capital can assist you in creating a more secure future for your staff through group insurance schemes such as group medical insurance or life, disability and serious illness cover. We can also help design and implement group retirement savings schemes to supplement KiwiSaver or provide extra benefits for Senior or Key employees.
The top five perks from the survey are as follows:

  1. Health insurance
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Time in lieu
  4. Upskilling support
  5. Free Parking

In summary, workplace employee benefits significantly attract and retain talented employees, boost employee morale and job satisfaction, improve employee health and well-being, and enhance the employer’s reputation. A comprehensive benefits package can be valuable for employers looking to create a positive and productive work environment.

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