Experts join forces to revolutionise workplace health and financial wellbeing.

In an exciting development that promises to redefine the landscape of workplace health and financial wellbeing services, we are thrilled to announce a new joint venture between Vitality Works and First Capital Financial Services that will trade as Vitality Works NZ Limited.

The synergy between Vitality Works, a leading innovator in workplace wellbeing solutions, and First Capital, a distinguished financial services firm, is set to usher in a transformative era for employees and employers alike.

Mental health and financial wellbeing are two important aspects of our lives that are often viewed in isolation from each other. However, the truth is that these two elements are deeply intertwined and play a crucial role in determining our overall health and happiness.

Over the last few years, employees struggling with financial stress and coping with the pressures of a cost-of-living crisis are impacting workplace wellbeing. Research shows that 69% of New Zealanders are concerned about money, with that figure rising to 74% of women and 82% of those aged 18-34. This concern manifests in a variety of ways, with people feeling stressed (49%), not accessing health services when they might have otherwise (31%) and making unhealthy eating choices (28%). Ten per cent of those aged 18-34 take regular days off work due to money worries.

“We are delighted to bring together the financial expertise of First Capital with our team of wellbeing professionals,” says Cathy McDonald, Director for Vitality Works NZ, Sanitarium’s Workplace Health providers. “Combining our tailored financial and wellbeing employee programmes means we can offer truly unique and wholistic solutions to business leaders to help nurture happier, healthier employees.

Our combined workplace health and financial wellbeing services offer businesses:

  1. Comprehensive Workplace Wellbeing Solutions: By combining Vitality Works’ expertise in workplace wellbeing programmes with First Capital’s financial acumen, we will provide a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.
  2. Customised Employee Benefits: Our joint venture will tailor employee benefit packages to meet each organisation’s unique needs. Whether it is fitness programmes, mental health support, employee investment or insurance advice, our solutions will be customised for maximum benefit.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: The partnership will leverage data analytics to track the benefits of Vitality Works programs to guide leaders in making informed decisions to maximise their investment and outcomes through our employee wellbeing programs.
  4. Cutting-Edge Technology: Both companies are committed to staying at the forefront of technology. We will harness the power of AI, data analytics, and digital platforms to provide businesses with efficient, accessible, and user-friendly solutions.
  5. Transformative Wellbeing Services: We offer a holistic range of wellbeing programs and resources to help employees lead healthier lives through our Thrive Mental Health and SafetyWorks consultancy practice. Additionally, we can now offer financial wellbeing programmes through our partner, First Capital Financial Services.
    On signing the joint venture agreement, First Capital’s Managing Director, Hugh Percy, said, “This joint venture is a testament to our commitment to helping individuals achieve financial success. Together with Vitality Works, we are poised to offer unparalleled solutions that will transform workplaces nationwide.”

Kevin Jackson, the CEO of the Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Group, expressed great enthusiasm about the venture, stating, “The synergy between our two companies is an exciting opportunity to create a brighter future for employees and employers. We look forward to leading the charge in promoting holistic wellbeing and financial stability in the workplace.”

The company is a Sanitarium Workplace Health provider and brings with it 125 years of health and wellbeing expertise. For more information and updates, please visit www.vitalityworks.co.nz